Google Smart Glasses Are Anything But Dead, Patent Shows

01 2020 Google Glasses patent from patentlymobile

Google is still eyeing the market for smart glasses, according to the patent spotters at Patently Apple.

Those are going to be nothing like the Google Glass launched by the search giant back in 2013, either. The patent shows a gadget that leaves behind the reading glasses aesthetic, still in use by the company in the Enterprise sector.

Instead, Google is putting its focus on making a believable wearable implementation reminiscent of sunglasses. And those put AR at the forefront, rather than aside and out of the way.


What sets these Google smart glasses apart in the patent?

There are some fairly big differences in the latest smart glasses Google has patented. For starters, the company didn’t limit the AR segment of the lens to a corner of the user’s vision. Instead, the entire lens of the glasses appears to be the display area. Google packed the device with a wide array of wide-angle cameras to replicate what’s being seen in the user’s immediate environment.

Google utilizes smart software to adjust the visuals, accounting for the distance between the lenses and the wearer’s eyeballs too. That’s to account for a “parallax effect” created when there’s dissonance between what the user sees and their other senses. In this case, their sense of touch.

The use of multiple cameras also appears intended to help recreate 3D scenes and images. In effect, they help form a 3D image for each eye that’s individual to each eye. And that helps each eye see something just a bit different from the other, similar to how eyes work without smart glasses.


That should also help make any AR overlays or objects appear more naturally in the real-world environment.

There’s no guarantee these will ever become a real-world product

Google has been working with AR, as noted above, since at least 2013. And it’s continued to do so in the Enterprise space. But these smart glasses are something very different from others made and patented by Google. They also present several novel concepts by comparison that will arguably be more beneficial to the user outside of work environments.

Whether or not Google follows through and builds out a product for the real world, however, remains to be seen.

02 2020 Google Glasses patent from patentlymobile
02 2020 Google Glasses patent from patentlymobile