Google Shares New Emoji Designs From Unicode 13.1

Android 11 Emojis 3

According to a new report by 9to5Google, Google has refreshed its set of Android emoji from Unicode 13.1. Android 11 brought a batch of new emojis.

Notably, Android 11 introduced 62 characters. However, Google is already ready with new emojis from Unicode 13.1. There are a total of 5 emojis that have been released.

Emojis have become a part of our text conversations. Well, if you prefer texting than calling and chatting, then you would be well aware of what we are talking about.


You can use emojis to show your emotions in the text. Besides, there are already a ton of emojis available across various platforms. And Android 11 recently introduced some more to the arsenal.

Unicode 13.1 also introduces new emojis. However, note that there are only five emoji characters that are completely new.

Moreover, there are emojis like face hidden behind the clouds, exhaling face, face with spiral eyes, heart on fire, and mending heart.


Notably, these emoji candidates were not expected to be finalized before October in Unicode 13.1. But it seems like Google was well ahead of the plans for introducing these new emojis.

Google will be adding over 200 new emoji combinations with Unicode 13.1

Google will bring over 200 new emoji combinations with Unicode 13.1. The combinations include gender and skin tone variants for beard, kiss: man and woman, Kiss: man, man, Kiss: woman, woman, Couple with heart: Woman, Man, Couple with heart: Man, man, and Couple with heart: Woman, woman.

In fact, with over 200 combinations, users will be able to properly and specifically express themselves over text using these emojis. Keep in mind that these emojis are still a work in progress.


This also means that these emojis will get tweaked, revamped, and given subtle touches before they are released for the users.

The Google variants were released via GitHub today. But they haven't made their way to any smartphone as of yet. One of the reasons is the recent release of Android 11.

The release date of Unicode 13.1 is unclear

So, it is unclear as to when the Unicode 13.1 will be finalized and pushed for the users. However, one can be sure that once the Unicode 13.1 finalizes, new emojis will start showing up on Android devices.


Besides, the Unicode 12.1 for Google Devices arrived via Pixel Drop feature in March. We speculate that Unicode 13.1 would also follow a similar route and launch in the coming months as a part of a security patch or next major OS release.

If you are interested in knowing and checking out the complete list of changes that are being considered for Unicode 13.1, you can head over to Emojipedia.