Google Brings Revised Font & New Theme For Gboard Beta Users

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Google has been adding quite a few new nifty features to the Gboard app. And as per a new report by 9to5Google, Gboard beta app users are getting new fonts and themes as well.

Notably, the Gboard beta app users are getting a server-side update. Meaning that it is not available as a traditional update but is triggered automatically by Google on the beta app.

Well, talk about receiving updates, back in the previous month, Gboard beta users grabbed the system-matching light and dark theme.


This means that if the device is in dark mode, then Gboard will also turn the same. A very cool, subtle feature that was welcomed by the Gboard beta users.

And now some Redditors are reporting the arrival of the new font and new themes on the Gboard beta app. Besides, it is being reported to be available on Gboard beta app version

In fact, the new font is close to Google’s Product Sans. Note that this font is used by Google throughout the UI on Google Pixel phones. So, it is done to streamline all the apps.


Gboard beta users are quite happy with the bolder elements and clean font

Taking a look at the comments in the Reddit post, users are quite happy with what Google has done. The Google Product Sans font is bolder and provides a clean text that improves reading.

Besides, the new font also compliments the new Gboard app design. So, it is a win-win for Gboard and the users, where ultimately new features are introduced to improve user experience.

On top of this, Google is also pushing tweaked themes for the Gboard beta app. Though not a very big deal, but such subtle changes improve the overall app experience.


For your context, the edges of the keyboard are now rounded, and the contrast on the buttons, better seen on an OLED display, is black rather than Google’s dark grey tone.

Not all beta users have reported reception of these new features

The new theme with improved UI elements is definitely getting a thumbs up from us. Because these are some small tweaks that make such a mature app more polished.

Well, as of writing, not all the beta users of the app have received this update. Meaning that the server-side update is limited to a small number of users.


So, other users might have to wait a bit to get the update rolling. Gboard users might have to wait awhile before these new features make their way to the stable version.

What do you think about the new default light/default dark theme? from gboard


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