Play Games App Gets New Search Tools For Better Game Discovery


Google Play Games is Google's resident app for gaming-related stuff, including discovery of new games that you find through a search.

As a whole, Play Games is a sort of hub that contains everything from game discovery to your profile to achievements. Though only for games that implement the Play Games features. Which includes things like cloud save and more.

Today Google started turning on some new search tools for the Play Games app that makes discovering new game titles a lot easier and more accurate. These are just new search filters. But they definitely help to narrow things down from what could arguably start as a pretty large list of results.


New Play Games search filters let you narrow down your results list

If you've already got these new search tools at your fingertips, then all you have to do is decide on a search term.

Open up the Play Games app and hit the search button. Then search for something like RPG games. After the results list surfaces, you'll then see filters up top that you can tap on to narrow down the results.

This includes filters for things like ads, no ads, in-app purchases, no in-app purchases, new, and more. There's even a filter for star ratings if you only want to see results that are higher quality.


Keep in mind that this isn't going to have all the games listed that you might find in the Play Store. If it's not a game that supports the Play Games features, it won't show up in the search results in the first place. Even before the filters are selected.

Call Of Duty: Mobile is a good example here. It doesn't use Play Games. So when you search for FPS games in the app, Call Of Duty: Mobile doesn't even pop up.

Helping you find more games you love

As mentioned this is all about helping you discover more games that you'll love.


There are so many mobile games on the Play Store these days that a lot of them have the potential to get lost in the midst of all the choices. Google does an ok job of curating some lists but doesn't always find some of the best options.

This is one more way at least to help to some degree with finding additional games that might have been skipped over without these tools filters being present.