Get Familiar With The Google Pixel 5 Design Thanks To These Images


The Google Pixel 5 is leaking all over the place, as its design got depicted yet again in a new set of images. The Google Pixel 5 surfaced last week in two real-life images. Well, three additional ones just surfaced.

Three new images depict Google Pixel 5 design

These new images actually come from the same source as the initial two. He even shared them in the same Twitter thread. They come from Jose Antonio Ponton.

These new images show the front side of the device only, along with parts of its software. These images do, once again, confirm that the phone will feature a flat display.


It will include a display camera hole in the top-left corner. Its bezels will be extremely thin, thinner than on the Pixel 4a, it seems. The phone will sport rounded corners, and rounded display corners.

In the provided images, you can see the phone’s Settings menu, Storage menu, and home screen. This is not exactly anything new, as that’s your regular Android 11 menu.

The Google Pixel 5 is rumored to launch by the end of this month. It’s possible that it will launch at the beginning of October, but it’ll most likely happen this month. The phone will go on sale next month, though.


This handset is expected to launch alongside the Google Pixel 4a 5G. That handset will be larger than the Google Pixel 4a, and its specifications will also be somewhat different.

This handset will be fueled by the same SoC as the OnePlus Nord

The Google Pixel 5 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 765G 64-bit octa-core processor. That is one of Qualcomm’s best mid-range chips, and a better choice than the Snapdragon 730 that sits inside the Google Pixel 4a.

The Pixel 5 will also include a high-refresh rate display, and we’re looking at a fullHD+ OLED panel here. 8GB of RAM is also expected, along with non-expandable storage.


The phone will include an ultra-wide camera on the back, unlike its predecessor. A 12.2-megapixel main sensor is expected to be included as well, by the way.

This smartphone will ship with a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. It will include a regular, capacitive fingerprint scanner on the back. Google’s logo will also be placed on the back of the device.

Android 11 will come pre-installed on the phone, while the device is expected to support both fast wired charging, and fast wireless charging. The phone will likely be made out of plastic.