Google Pixel 5 Build Materials Mystery – Metal, Glass, Plastic?

pixel 5 leak winfuture

The Google Pixel 5 build materials are still a mystery. Roland Quandt, a well-known tipster, shared the phone’s detailed spec sheet yesterday. As part of his post, he talked about the phone’s design.

The Google Pixel 5 build materials remain a mystery

He mentioned that the phone’s frame is made out of metal, and that the back could be plastic. Soon after that, he retracted everything he said (regarding build materials), though. Why? Well, it seems like the official spec sheet that he received is quite confusing.

He says that the more he read it, the more confused he got. Why? Well, apparently it mentions more than one material for a specific part of the device, or something like that. He did not really elaborate, all he said is “it says one thing and it says the other”.


So, it’s quite confusing. One thing is for sure, the phone won’t be made entirely out of plastic, as the Pixel 4a. Google will utilize some more premium materials in order to build this device.

The community reacted to Roland Quandt’s post, trying to guess what materials will Google use, offering solutions for the dilemma. One user mentioned an aluminum frame with a fused plastic back over it.

Google did something similar in the past, so that’s always a possibility. One thing is for sure, the Google Pixel 5 will be an interesting device from the design standpoint. When the phone leaked, recently, many people assumed that Google will go with an all-plastic build.


Well, if we had to guess, we’d say that the frame will be made out of metal, for sure. The Google Pixel 5 will be the company’s most powerful smartphone released in 2020, so it would be a shame if plastic was all over the place.

The Pixel 4a is made from plastic, and that’s not a bad thing

Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic, though, the Pixel 4a is made out of plastic, and it feels extremely sturdy. It’s also quite light because of it, which is a good thing in this day and age of gigantic, and heavy phones.

The Google Pixel 5 will become official next week. The phone will launch on September 30, and along with it, Google is expected to launch some extra hardware as well… mostly IoT stuff.


The Google Pixel 5 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 765G, it will include a flat display, and thin bezels. A display camera hole will be placed in its top-left corner, while the phone will sport a 6-inch 90Hz panel.

A considerably larger battery will be included in the phone this time around, a 4,080mAh battery pack. A rear-facing fingerprint scanner will also be a part of the package, while a 12.2-megapixel camera will sit on its back.

The phone will offer an ultrawide camera as well this time around. 18W wired charging will be included, while wireless charging probably won’t be supported.