Google Phone App Verified Calls Feature Lets You Know Why A Business Is Calling

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In an official blog post, Google has announced that it is adding a new Verified Calls feature to its Google Phone app. With the help of this feature, users will be able to know the reason behind a business call.

Notably, this feature is recently rolling out and is available for all the Android users. The legitimate business calls will show a company’s name, logo, and a small verified badge along with a reason for its call.

Sometimes users are flooded with spam calls and may be hesitant to pick any calls up. Google thinks that this hampers verified shops and other companies trying to reach customers.


Spam calls are on the rise in the US, and the Google Phone app Verified Calls feature could help to decrease this. As per a recent report by RoboKiller, US users received 61.4 billion spam calls in 2019.

Moreover, Google’s official blog states that the Google Phone app Verified Calls feature is done in an authenticated and secure way.

Apparently, Google will not collect or store any personal data for verification.


Google Phone app Verified Calls feature will help legit business

This feature depends on how businesses use it. In fact, it will help all the legit businesses trying to connect to their customers.

It will not only allow users to know who is calling but also make it clear whether the phone is necessary to pick up or not.

Sometimes, there are instances where users are busy or doing something important, and suddenly a call from spammers disturbs them.


This Google Phone app Verified Calls feature is similar to last year’s Verified SMS feature. This feature confirms the identity of the business that is messaging the user.

As per Google’s official post, the businesses can get started working with a partner such as Neustar, JustCall, Telecall, Zenvia, Prestus, Aspect, Five9, Vonage, Bandwidth, IMImobile, Kaleyra, Quiubas Mobile, or Datora.

Once the setup is done, Google will send the Verified Calls server its number along with the reason for the calls to the users. The app on your phone will compare the incoming calls with the information it receives from Google.


Moreover, if the two sets of information match, then it shows the call as verified.

The feature is enabled by default in the Phone app for Android devices

Notably, this feature is enabled by default on the Google Phone app for all Android devices. The app comes pre-installed on many Android phones.

This feature was under testing for many months before it is now rolling out for the masses. The feature is now rolling out for the users in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India starting today, and will add more countries in the future.