Googlers Rewrote Google Pay Entirely Using Flutter & It's Coming Soon

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Google has re-written its Google Pay app from the ground up using a new SDK called Flutter and that could arrive worldwide soon. That’s according to reports stemming from an official Twitter announcement made by the search giant’s developer division. In fact, the updated app is already undergoing testing in India or Singapore, where Google Pay has marketed with “Tez” branding.

If this is meant for India and Singapore, why would it roll out globally?

The SDK in question is a Google-built open-source UI software development kit. So this is a fairly big change, under the hood at least. And Google has given several reasons for its use of Flutter this time around. Not least of all is the universality of Flutter. In fact, that’s the most prominent reason given. Google can code the app for both iOS and Android uniformly, allowing both platforms to have the same ‘best-in-class’ experience.

The company also selected Flutter because it packs a Just-in-Time compiler. That includes hot reloading during development, which Google says helps with rapid iterations on the user interface. And that, in turn, increases developer efficiency. But Flutter also supports “Ahead-of-time compilation.” So high performance deployment is easier to accomplish with Flutter.


The first of Google’s provided reasons is the primary reason that users can expect the Flutter rebuild to make its way over to other regions as well in the future.

In general, Google additionally says it’s more region-specific variant of Pay has been incredibly successful. And that’s a significant part of why it hopes to roll out that business model globally. The app servers for an all-things-money app. So it not only lets users access tap-to-pay or send and receive money. It also houses a means for users to pay bills, fill up a phone plan, obtain bank loans locally, and buy tickets.

The world-wide rollout could and probably will coincide with a number of other major platform changes.

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Here’s how you can get Flutter-based Google Pay right now for testing

Now, as noted already, users who aren’t in India or Singapore won’t be able to download this Flutter-based Google Pay app just yet. That’s going to come later on. But, those who are in that region can already get started if they want to see where the app is heading. Or just to look for user-facing changes. It’s as simple as updating the app.

To get in on the app right now, users will need to;

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store page for the app
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the app store page
  3. Sign up for the open Beta via the dedicated beta program card
  4. Wait for the app to update to the latest beta build