Google Meet For Android & iOS Gets Similar Redesign To Gmail App

google meet update

Google is now revamping its Google Meet app with a new update for both Android and iOS platforms. Notably, the new refresh design of the Google Meet is similar to the Gmail app.

Notably, the update went live for iOS first and is expected to be soon available for Android users. This piece of information was shared via an official Google blog.

Moreover, as per the official blog, Google says that the Google Meet app is redesigned to give the users the same look and feel as that of the meeting experience in the Gmail app.


Not only this but there are some other subtle changes brought via this new Google Meet update. The Google Meet app now shows two options on top for “new meeting” or “join a meeting.”

On tapping the “new meeting” button, the user will be shown three more options. These include, “Get meeting joining info to share with others.”, “Start a Meet call instantly”, and “schedule a new meeting in Google Calendar.”

Google Meet update shows all scheduled meetings on the home screen

Another good feature of this new Google Meet update is that it now shows all the scheduled meetings right on the home screen itself.


Besides, while sliding up on the home screen lets you see video calls scheduled in Calendar. In fact, this new update also brings a live preview of the immediate “My meetings” list.

Your profile image is located at the top right corner of the home interface. While now the Google Meet redesign has a navigation drawer for other settings.

Users can tap on the profile image to switch between Google accounts and use whichever account for Google Meet as per their convenience. This is similar to what we have on the Gmail app.


Earlier this year, we have highlighted that Google integrated the Google Meet app with Gmail. Meaning that you do not need to install a separate app for Google Meet on both Android and iOS.

This facilitated the Gmail users to immediately start a Meet call without any hassle. Well, this was one of the weapons in the arsenal of Google to go against the Zoom app.

The new update is out for iOS now, Android to join soon

As mentioned above, the new Google Meet update is live for iOS users. But Android users are not left behind and will soon join the bandwagon.


The update is available for all the G Suite customers as well as users with personal Google Accounts. We will keep you posted if the update is out and about for Android users.