Google Maps Spotted Working On COVID-19 Map Layer

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Well, as per a new Twitter post by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong reveals that Google is working on bringing a new Google Maps COVID-19 layer.

The coronavirus pandemic seems far from over. Moreover, at the moment, only keeping yourself protected and informed seems to be the only precaution that one can take.

Though Google has added several COVID-19 related features to its apps in the past. And it now seems like the turn for the Google Maps application.


Notably, this feature will show a COVID-19 layer on areas which is the worst hit by the coronavirus. Besides, the leak also shows this new Google Maps COVID-19 layer alongside options for transit, traffic, biking, 3D, and Street View.

Google Maps is probably the most commonly used navigation app by millions across the world. The current situation the world is in, demands the people to stay safe and informed.

This feature will definitely help the people understand the locations where the COVID-19 outbreaks are at their worst. In fact, the Google Maps COVID-19 layer is simply titled “COVID-19.”

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When Google Maps COVID-19 layer is in use, it shows distinct lines between states

According to the new leaks, when the Google Maps COVID-19 layer is in use, it shows distinct lines between the states in the US. Moreover, it will highlight in color where the COVID-19 outbreak is worse.

As far as one knows, Google is sourcing the data from credible institutions across the globe. This involves the New York Times, Wikipedia, John Hopkins University, and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

Looking at the leaked images reveals that Google Maps collects information on the incidence rate confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is based on an average of 7 days.


In fact, it is not clear how the coloring of the contagious areas would be done via this feature. But the image shows some states of the US in yellowish color.

Notably, the feature is seen working in the US and Canada. However, since the data is sourced from India’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), we expect to be available in other regions including India soon.

More importantly, this is a good move by Google to incorporate COVID-19 info on its Google Maps app. There are other social media apps like Facebook, that are implementing COVID-19 info on their apps.


The feature is yet to go live for all the users

However, one should note that this is not an officially announced feature for the app. Meaning that this feature might not make its way to the app, altogether.

But considering the fact that it surely will be helpful for the users of Google Maps, we expect this feature to arrive much sooner. We will keep you in the loop until we have more info in this regard.

google maps covid 19 layer feature