Google Is Now Turning On The Dark Theme Option In Google Maps

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Out of all the major apps Google offers on Android devices, Google Maps is one of the only main ones left that doesn’t have the dark theme available.

At least it was. 9To5Google reports that some users are now beginning to see the dark theme option available. The dark theme is draped over every inch of the app’s user interface. Just as you would expect it to be.

And like any of Google’s other apps that offers the dark theme, in Google Maps it can be toggled on or off at your leisure. You can also just set it to match the system default. Which makes things a whole lot easier in some respects.


Not all Google Maps users have access to the dark theme yet

Like with most features Google pushes out to apps in between large updates, this one seems to be slow-going.

Not all Google Maps users will have access to the dark theme right this very moment. As Google seems to be turning it on for users in stages. The good news is you can always check to see if you can enable dark theme. And if the option isn’t there then you simply keep waiting.

To check and see if it’s available for you, first launch Google Maps and then open up the settings menu. As a reminder, the settings menu has been moved, and is now accessible by tapping on your Google Maps profile avatar in the top right corner of the UI.


Once in settings, look for a new sub-menu called Appearance, and this is where you’ll find the theme setting with options for light, dark, and default.

Google started rolling out dark theme over the past 24 hours

It looks like Google has started rolling out the dark theme in the past 24 hours. That means the process to get dark theme into the hands of all Google Maps uses is already well underway.

Considering this, it’s possible that all users will see the feature before the weekend. Though it could always take longer. One thing to keep in mind is that Google could still just be testing this. If that’s the case then a full rollout to all users will take a while longer.


If you prefer to use dark theme in your apps, keep checking to see when it pops up.

It also appears that users on both Android 10 and Android 11 have received the dark theme option across a variety of devices.