Google Launches Oddly Specific Pixel 4a How-Tos

google pixel 4a how tos videos composit

Google is great many things, but few people see it as a smartphone brand. Even fewer actually own a Google smartphone. But even fewer will find any value in half a dozen Pixel 4a how-tos the company just released on YouTube. We’re looking at quite an oddly specific bunch of advice here.

How to find a blue light filter in the notification shade is arguably the most entertaining of the lot. I mean… you just do. You pull it down, and it’s there. Not the kind of thing you’d expect grandma to know was even possible, sure.

But most people who end up buying a Google smartphone in 2020 will probably be familiar with the concept of a smartphone. Probably, but Google isn’t leaving anything to chance.


Coming in at close second in this uninspired marketing Grand Prix is a how-to-blur-backgrounds-on-duo-calls video. Which probably won’t make much sense to anyone belonging to its target demographic.

For anyone who’s part of that crowd, the feature is actually activated via the app’s hamburger menu during a call. Enthusiastically tapping any corner of the device will give you a 25% chance of a successful activation, at best.

These Pixel 4a how-tos are about as random as functional advertising gets

Perhaps the point of these ads is to showcase some of the latest stock Android capabilities. Aka the vanilla OS feature set only the most hardcore Android enthusiasts even experienced in the last decade.


Because from Samsung to OnePlus, many manufacturers already adopted the things Google choose to highlight. Sure, there’s a couple of extra AI capabilities to be seen here. It wouldn’t be a Google product without them. But overall, these Pixel 4a how-tos do seem to be preaching to the choir.

Just to be clear, we think the Pixel 4a is a remarkable device. Not just from a value standpoint, though at $349, that’s obviously its biggest allure. And while some practical marketing is perfectly in line with Google’s overall service brand, these how-tos are about as random as functional advertising can get. Though you could argue that they do underline the catch-all ambition permeating the Pixel 4a.

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