Google Gboard Has Begun Rolling Out Across Android TV

gboard google logo AH

Google has begun to introduce Gboard across Android TV with a new fresh and condensed design. This was first noticed by a Reddit user and has since been confirmed by multiple sources.

This is not the first big redesign for Android TV in September. YouTube totally revamped its interface for Android TV as well as Fire TV earlier this month.

Android 11 has also brought in lots of new features for Android TV. These include an Auto Low Latency Mode, Gamepad support, silent boot mode for system updates and inactivity prompts amongst others.


This comes after Google promised a big refresh that would come to Android TV’s keyboard back at the start of this year. This appears to be it with a new design of Gboard looking slightly more condensed.

Condensed version of Gboard comes to Android TV

The introduction of Gboard to Android TV from Google has happened quickly since September 28. It seems that since the original Reddit post showing the new innovation, heaps of users have got the new functionality.

This strikes of a quick and efficient roll out from Google. This is something we rarely get to see but is welcome nonetheless. It generally seems that the wide rollout has occurred completely automatically thankfully.


There is no system update required because Gboard is both installed and set up automatically. This allows it to easily replace Android TV’s built-in keyboard.

The main differences between Gboard and a regular QWERTY keyboard lie in its design mainly. Instead of taking up the entire bottom of the screen Gboard “floats” in the center. However, it does have a traditional QWERTY layout.

Therefore, for those that use Gboard on an Android smartphone, this will be a very familiar change.


New microphone shortcut comes to keyboard

It is also worth noting that Google has introduced a new microphone shortcut at the top of the keyboard. Generally, most Android TV devices have the voice button built into the remote.

However, this shortcut appears to be designed to help with filling out specific text fields. For example, this could be useful for those within apps.

Given this appears to have rolled out pretty widely automatically if you are yet to see this change then expect it very soon. It is certainly an interesting change and one thing you cannot fault Google for is the speed of the roll out which is something you can rarely say for changes of this type.