Google Duo Now Lets You Add More People To Active Group Calls

Google Duo tablet AH 2020

Google has sent quite a few new features for the Google Duo app in the recent past. And now, as per a new report by Android Police, you can now add more people to active Google Duo group calls.

Well, it is always to catch up with friends and family members after a long day. Besides, the current pandemic situation has kept people inside their houses.

There are pretty less social interactions with our loved ones. However, thanks to the technology that we have, we can constantly keep in touch with our family members.


In the same line, Google wants to improve the Google Duo user experience by adding one interesting feature. Notably, now during a call, you can add any member to the video call.

This new Google Duo feature may come handy if one of your friends or family member is busy and wants to catch up after some time. In this situation, you don't have to wait for that person.

Basically, you can continue with the video call with other members, and once the person is ready, you can add them mid-way during the group call.


Google Duo v105 update allows adding more people to active group calls

Note that this feature only works with the group video calls and not on one-to-one calls. We expect the feature to be available for the latter at some stage in time.

If you are interested to use this feature, you need to grab the latest version of the Google Duo, i.e. the v105 which is available via the Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded or updated to the latest version of the Google Duo, you need to open the app. Tap on the 3-dot icon, placed at the bottom right corner of the app when in video or audio call.


Select Add and choose the different members from your contacts whom you want to add in the call. Once you tap the contact name, the same person will be notified about the invite to join the group video call.

Good thing is that now, you do not need to end the entire group video call, in order to get all the members of your group to connect. You can now do this mid-way on a call.

Google Duo new update is live on the Play Store

As already mentioned this new nifty feature is now live with the latest Google Duo app update. You can tap the below button to grab the latest update directly from Google Play Store.


Or you can manually head over to the Play Store app on your phone and tap the update button if you already have installed the Google Duo app on your phone.

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