Google Duo App Can Now Be Downloaded On Android TV


Well, some good news is up for the Google Duo users, especially in times of the pandemic. Google Duo app is now available for the Android TV OS.

Notably, the app is available to download from the Android TV App Store and users can install the app to use Google Duo on their big screen.

Google announced last month that Google Duo will be coming to Android TV soon. This will help the users to make video calls and do meetings from the comfort of their big smart TV screens.


One important question that may come to your minds is how Google Duo will work with Android TV without a camera. Fortunately, Google has a pretty neat and simple solution to this.

Users will be able to use a USB camera device to connect to their Android TV and make calls using Google Duo. In fact, users are free to choose any budget camera they want. The only trick is that the camera device should have a USB attachment.

However, it is more preferable to use an Android OS compatible plug-and-play camera to avoid any compatibility issues. If you cannot find one or have an old spare camera device, then that will also do the job.


Google Duo Android TV app is available on the Play Store as a stable version

The good thing is that the Google Duo for Android TV app is not listed as a beta app. Besides, it is listed as a stable version of the app.

Meaning that users will be able to enjoy all the features as fluently as possible. This also means that the Google Duo app is properly cooked for Android TVs.

Though there is one caveat as noted by XDA, that there is no banner available for quickly launching the app. But that is not something Google cannot bring in future updates.


This is one great addition to the list of apps to Android TV as it lets you connect to your loved one's straight from your Android TV. This also negates the need for using laptops and smartphones.

You can simply relax on your couch and perform a video call or attend a meeting via the Google Duo application. The app is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Let us know in the comments below if you are also able to download the Google Duo app on your Android TV. Also, do let us know if you come across any issues while using the app on your big screen.