Google Assistant Updates 'Food Preferences' Section With More Options

google assistant food preferences

Google today released a new update for the Google Assistant that revamps the Food Preferences section in the app settings. Previously, this section was titled ‘Food & Drink’.

Notably, this new Google Assistant Food Preferences section is receiving a new menu style along with an intuitive interface. Moreover, there are some additional configuration options as well.

Apparently, the newly introduced Google Assistant Food Preferences section recommends recipes according to your diet restrictions. Provided it has all the required data.

And for gathering more of your personal dietary data, the app now asks you to set your preferences.


This will then allow the Google Assistant to show you the recipe recommendations. Which will be based on your smart display based on your dietary restrictions.

The questions start with whether you are Gluten-free, Vegan, or Vegetarian. However, all these questions are now placed in a nicer-looking interface, which looks appealing.

Google has added tons of features to the Google Assistant in the past via the updates. And now, the focus seems to have shifted over providing the users with better health-related information.

Google Assistant Food Preferences now shows a grid of recipes instead of a list

Besides, the Google Assistant Food Preferences section now gets rid of the list menu for showing recipes. This new update brings new grid-style recipe pictures.


The grid-style looks refreshing and modern. Moreover, there is a small thumbs-up button. This will let you save the recommended recipes. However, the button (as emphasized on the word small) is a bit small.

There is a thumbs-down option as well. This will help Google Assistant not to show you related or similar recipe recommendations.

Additionally, this new update brings new options to select cuisine and ingredients. These fine-grained options will be pretty beneficial for users on a strict diet.

As now, they can pick the cuisine they prefer and all the ingredients they are allowed to have with their diet-regime. On the other hand, if you are not so picky about ingredients and other filters, you can just scroll through all.


As noted by 9to5Google, there are a total of 13 types of food from across the globe, out of which 30 are distinct ones. If you have not received the update, then you can access the ‘Food Preferences’ section under the ‘You’ tab in old assistant settings.

However, for the revamped Google Assistant settings, this new section is available in the ‘You’ page in the alphabetical settings list. The update is widely rolling out for all the users on Android as well as iOS.