Never Miss Birthdays With Google Assistant Birthday Reminder Notifications

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Google Assistant is showing up birthday reminder notifications for some Android users. Notably, this new feature will help you notified about upcoming birthdays.

Back in August, Google Assistant added some new features for its Snapshot Assistant interface. This “Show me my day” feature would give you all the information of the day, be it your meetings, weather, commute, etc.

And now, Google is bringing a new feature that will help the users never forget any upcoming birthdays. Notably, the Google Assistant birthday reminder feature is currently live in the English speaking markets.

This Google Assistant birthday reminder feature shows a dedicated notification in your notification panel if there is an upcoming birthday.


Moreover, this would help you plan something in advance. Besides, these notifications pop up a week or half-a-month in advance before the birthday in question.

The feature has been spotted by several Google Assistant users. However, the update is not live for all users. So, keep that in mind, that not everyone will be able to enjoy the feature, as of yet.

Google Assistant birthday reminder shows two options, ‘Useful’ or ‘Not useful’

According to Android Police, when a user receives the Google Assistant birthday reminder notification, it shows two options to dismiss it.

Google Assistant birthday reminders AP


They are useful and not useful. Either of the options will let Google Assistant understand whether this notification is important for you or not.

If you tap on Useful, it will remind you after an interval. While not useful will dismiss the notification from appearing in the future.

When you open the notification, it will take you to the Snapshot page in the Google Assistant. However, note that these notifications will pop-up only if you have a birthday set for the contact saved to Google.

So, if you are really a person who love to wish people on their birthday, and it is a matter of life and death for you, then Google has got you covered.


The feature is not live for everyone at the moment

The feature will give enough time for the busy person to make the birthdays of their loved ones more memorable. Because not wishing a loved one on their birthdays, really has its downside.

You simply need to save birthdays of the important contact with Google and bam! You are done. Google Assistant will now remind you of upcoming birthdays way before time, to help you prepare something special.

Well, as per Android Police, the feature has been spotted by some of the Google Assistant users. Meaning that it is yet to hit all the units.