You Might See These Android Google Chrome Features Soon Enough

Chrome Android DG AH 2020

There may be some significant new features headed to Chrome Android in the future, based on a recent blog post from Google. The post is intended to highlight how Chrome is the best browser for iOS. It also lays out exactly how to set Chrome as the default browser in iOS 14 — in iPhone Settings, under “Chrome,” there’s an option to set it as the default browser.

The company highlights a few well-known recent updates to Chrome that are also available on Android. For example, it lines up Chrome’s password storage and safety check features. And it also highlights personalization and discovery features such as the Articles for You segment on the new tab UI and integrated Google Translate.

Recently added features such as the ability to send a page from Chrome to any other signed-in and syncing device are talked up as well. But the biggest revelation may be in the features Google is touting specifically for iOS.


What features has Google confirmed with its Chrome blog post?

Of course, easy organization of tabs and pages is among Google Chrome’s most prominent features on Android. Or on any other OS. But, as hinted above, it isn’t just previously released features Google is touting here. Apple’s iOS appears to be getting a head start on mobile-first features.

To begin with, Google indicates that it’s adding the ability to create a QR code for pages. That’s meant to be shared with friends since Chrome can already send pages between devices on a single account. With that QR code, users can send their websites to anybody. A scan of that code will send them to the desired page.

Conversely, Google is also taking in a feature that allows users to drag and drop links from Chrome. Specifically, to drag and drop them into another open app, as long as those apps are open in split-screen view. Further out, the search giant says that may include drag and drop sharing between two tabs. That’s because it’s presently working on a feature to open Chrome two tabs in split-view.


Finally, Google says it is adding one of its most requested features to date. A download manager. That will act as a folder for storing downloaded files saved via Chrome.

When will these come to Android?

As of this writing, Google hasn’t indicated when or if any of these features will make their way to Chrome for Android. But at least a few of them have already been spotted in the Chromium Gerrit code repository. So it should just be a matter of time. Especially now that they’re available for real-world use on Apple devices.