Gentle Sleep And Wake, Workday Routine & More Coming To Google Assistant

Google assistant workday routine

In an official blog, Google has announced a few features that will be added to the Google Assistant in the coming days. Notably, the Gentle Sleep and Wake, Workday Routine are the prominent features.

With all these new features, Google aims to help users manage their workday routine more efficiently. Since everyone is working from home these days, these features are a nice touch.

The Google Assistant workday routines allow the users to perform multiple actions in one go. The new workday routine reminds you of all the small and big things lined up for the day.


The Assistant will remind you to stay on top of your calendar, take a break from your work, have lunch, and much more. The routines are fully customizable.

However, in order to use this Google Assistant workday routine feature, you will have to enable it from Assistant settings. Note that this feature will be rolled out next week.

Now, you can add an agenda item to your calendar with the help of your voice in Google Assistant. This could come handy if your hands are pre-occupied with work.


As noted in the official blog, simply trigger Google Assistant by saying "Hey Google, create an event," and specify the event name and date to add it to the task list.

Google Assistant will help user sleep better with the Gentle Wake and Sleep feature

Besides, Google Assistant workday routine, Google is also committed to bring better sleep for its users. The Gentle Wake and Sleep feature tries to make sleep easier for you.

You can make use of this feature to ask the Assistant to turn off or sleep the light at a specific time of the day. This takes off the whole burden of manually triggering the Google Assistant to do the job.


What's more interesting, is that the smart lights will keep dimming for the next 30 minutes until the user is ready to go a good night's sleep.

Moreover, on the flip side, the user can reverse the action. In fact, you can ask the Google Assistant to wake up or turn on the lights at a specific time.

It will wake the lights up slowly for the next 30 minutes so, that your morning eyes adjust to the brightness better. Besides, you can simply say Google Assistant to "Turn on Gentle Wake Up" to trigger this feature.


It will then sync with your alarm on your phone, avoiding the need to set a time. However, note that you need to have an alarm set for this automated sync to work.

There are some other tweaks that will be pushed to the Google Assistant over the next few days. You can check all of that information, here.