GeForce NOW Adds New Games & Steam Sync Support For Chromebooks

GeForce NOW Chromebooks

Back in August NVIDIA launched GeForce NOW for Chromebooks, but one thing it was missing was Steam Sync – a very useful feature that was available for GeForce NOW on PC.

As of today, Steam Sync is now available for Chromebooks, which means you can more easily find the games that are supported by GeForce NOW.

If there's any complaint to be made about the GeForce NOW user interface, it's that it lacks an easy way to find all the games that can be played through the service. Steam Sync sort of fixes that, because it lets you connect your entire Steam library.


GeForce NOW will then take that information and surface the games in its library that are supported. It's pretty fast, it's simple, and it'll cut down on your browsing and search time, and leave you with more time for gaming.

Steam Sync for GeForce NOW on Chromebooks auto updates when you buy new games

"But what if I buy new games on Steam?" Not to worry. Steam Sync, once configured, will auto update in your GeForce NOW library and add any new games you buy.

If those games are also available through GeForce NOW, then you'll see them in your GeForce NOW library. If they're not, then they won't.

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The nice thing is that you don't have to lift a finger. You can literally avoid having to sync games every time you make a Steam purchase. Because it was designed to sync for you in the background.

It's a smart play by NVIDIA, because no one wants to have to micro manage the two libraries. This isn't just a Chromebook-specific feature either. It'll do the same thing if you're using GeForce NOW on PC.

A new round of games are being added to the service today

There are less games this week being added than in some previous weeks, but there's still a handful of good offerings.


NVIDIA also notes that the games will be available on the service around 10AM PST on September 10. Which means they should all be available by now.

As for which games are being added to GeForce NOW today, this includes Star Renegades, Railway Empire, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Dungeons of the Endless – Crystal Edition, Endless Legend – Emperor Edition, Pro Cycling Manager 2019, Skullgirls, UBOAT, and Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (Uplay).

There's also one game returning to the service after a brief hiatus. Endless Space 2. GeForce NOW users also have access to NVIDIA Ansel, which lets you take professional-grade photos of your games. Though this is only available on PC and Mac at the moment.