Fly Around & Check Your Whole Home With Ring Always Home Drone Cam

Ring Always Home Cam drone

Amazon-owned Ring is reportedly taking home security in an unexpected direction with a new device dubbed the Always Home Cam. And because the new camera is also a remote-controllable drone, that’s effectively any direction at all.

The new Ring Always Home Cam is, when it’s docked, an unassuming white box with an LED ring on the front and Ring branding emblazoned in the black lid. The company added a grille over top of the lid, because that’s where the propellers are enclosed. But, when undocked, it’s a drone-attached security camera that also links into the Ring Alarm system.

So how does Ring Always Home Cam work?

Ring designed its new drone to be fully autonomous. It works similarly to a robotic vacuum, building a map of the home when it’s first turned on. It uses the map to create flight paths. And that, in turn, gives users the ability to ask the device to fly in and check up on specific rooms or regions of their home or business. Or it will also fly automatically, if set up to do so, to inspect any disturbances detected by the Ring Alarm system.


In-flight programming and obstacle detection allow it to fly around without bumping into things if the in-home environment changes. The propellers are tucked into the frame and protected by a covering to prevent harm to in-home objects or people.

Conversely, users can control the drone themselves if they want to check on their home instead of automating. For example, to see if they left the stove on or locked the back door.

The video footage, whether recorded or played back via a smartphone or other alexa-enabled device, is 1080p.


For privacy purposes, not only do the propellers make a deliberately audible noise while in flight. This is also the only Ring camera that isn’t always recording. When docked, the camera is entirely obscured by the charging box.

How much does this cost and when can you get one?

In terms of pricing, the features and functionality in the Ring Always Home Cam come at a premium. That’s down to the challenges involved in building this type of product and the advanced drone technologies used to keep things stable and working. The device is slated to cost $249.99 at Amazon when it lands.

Ring says it will begin selling the Always Home Cam sometime next year, but hasn’t offered a more specific date as of this writing.