Facebook Gives Snapdragon XR2 VR Platform Its Consumer Debut

qualcomm xr2 and oculust quest 2

The launch of the Facebook-built Oculus Quest 2 marks the first appearance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 VR platform. Or at least in the consumer space, according to a recent announcement from the latter company.

Now, Qualcomm already gave out a wealth of information about its new platform back in February. Snapdragon XR2 goes well beyond VR and into every ‘extended reality’ space. So this more recent Snapdragon XR2 announcement puts a pinpoint focus on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset from Facebook.

The company indicates that the improvements and enhancements brought by the platform to Oculus Quest 2 are extensive. And they apply to far more than just the visuals that the headset delivers. Although that’s an important focal point as well since the new headset offers 50-percent more pixels thanks to the platform.


What does the Snapdragon XR2 bring to Facebook VR?

Among other things, the AI processing in Oculus Quest 2 is significantly enhanced thanks to the new Snapdragon VR platform. That’s by as much as 11-times, according to Qualcomm. And that, in turn, allows the HMD device to process more perception algorithms at the same time as a host of other processes. The end result, for wearers, is a more immersive experience.

Moreover, the headset incorporates the “Engine for Visual Analytics” (EVA). That’s a dedicated computer vision processor that takes VR-related tasks and offloads them. That equates to lower latency and reduced power consumption. With the latter metric, the platform combines alongside heterogeneous compute architecture. Summarily, allowing for a better runtime in terms of battery life, despite all of the extra processing oomph.

In fact, Oculus Quest 2 battery life sites at around two to three hours in spite of processing improvements. And those improvements sit atop bleeding-edge connectivity improvements too. Making the playtime more impressive still. Qualcomm’s FastConnect 6800 connectivity system enables up to Wi-Fi 6 standards.


When is Oculus Quest 2 available?

As to the Oculus-branded headset itself, delivering on all of those improvements, that’s going to be available sooner than later. As per Facebook’s announcement, that will be available for consumers as early as next month. Pre-orders are already open, with sales expected from Oculus and Amazon with a starting price of $299.

$100 more takes the storage from 64GB to 256GB. Shipments are slated to start on October 13.