Facebook Adds Messenger Features To Instagram DM

facebook messenger feature instagram dm

In a recent official post, Facebook has announced that the plans of unifying Messenger and Instagram are beginning with the push of Messenger features to Instagram DM.

With the help of this new addition, Facebook wants to connect Messenger to Instagram. The best features of the Messenger app will now be available on Instagram DM.

However, note that Facebook is not merging Facebook and Instagram accounts together. And in no way your inboxes will be combined.


Besides, even after this update, users will be able to message separately on any of the two apps. Instagram users will have the option of whether or not to update with this feature immediately

Note that once you agree to update Instagram, then the old version will be removed. This is surely one of the steps taken by Facebook to merge Facebook with Instagram.

Though this new Messenger feature on Instagram DM does not spoil the experience of the two. Facebook has touted this feature as “a new way to message on Instagram.”

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To give you some context on how this feature works, users will be able to connect with Facebook users who do not have an Instagram account via the Instagram app.

In the same way, Messenger users will be able to message Instagram users who do not have a Messenger account. This gives more flexibility to the users to connect to people.

The update brings in about 10 new Messenger features to Instagram DM

Apart from this connectivity option, Instagram users will also be getting some 10 new Messenger features to their Instagram DM.


First up is the Selfie stickers feature that creates a series of Boomerang, emojis, and selfies, to react to conversations. Watch Together enables the user to watch trending videos with friends during a video call.

A new Vanish mode is also making its way to Instagram. With this, users will be able to send a message that will automatically disappear after they’re seen.

Some new Chat colors are also added to give some fun touch to the Instagram chats. With Custom Emoji Reactions, users will be able to create a shortcut of their favorite emoji.


You can use the Forwarding feature to quickly share interesting content with up to five friends or groups. Replies feature will let you instantly reply to a message to keep the flow.

This new update also brings Animated Message Effects. This will add a visual effect to the message. Moreover, you will now be able to control who can send you a message directly, and who can’t at all.

In fact, the update also improves and enhances reporting and blocking across Instagram and Messenger. It can be done when you use the recently pushed Accounts Center.