Enacfire E60 Earbuds Review – Best Buds For Under $40?

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Enacfire E60 True Wireless Sport Earbuds have garnered a lot of buzz on the internet especially YouTube. Are these truly the best earbuds for under $40?

Enacfire E60 Earbuds
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  • Great balanced sound
  • Quick effortless pairing
  • Good price
  • Better than average battery life
  • USB-C charging
  • Good fit in ears*
  • Blocks outside noise well
  • Wear-detect sensors for auto playback
  • Only one color - black
  • Controls are a bit finicky
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Bass lovers will be disappointed
  • Need those extra ear tips for a better fit

I purchased the Enacfire E60 out of pocket. This is my unbiased review of these earbuds after using them for over 2 months.

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Enacfire E60 has some great reviews on the internet. I was looking for something with decent sound, a good fit within my ears, and priced under $40. After doing a bit of internet research it seemed like the Enacfire E60 fit most of my selection criteria. I decided to purchase them from Amazon to try them out during my evening jog and occasionally listening to music around the house.

Enacfire E60 – What is in the box?

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The box contains earbuds, a charging case, and 5 sets of tips along with a manual and extra warranty card. I also received the 9 sets of extra tips in a separate package.


Enacfire E60 Design

The Enacfire E60 True Wireless Sport earbuds have a teardrop-shaped appearance. At first glance, they remind me of the Samsung Galaxy Buds from 2019. The shell has a smooth finish, the flat back where touch controls are integrated has a slightly matte finish. Each bud is clearly marked L and R in white. The ear tip portion extends out a bit and is designed to seat deep in the ear.

The case is small and has magnets to hold the earbuds securely in place. The case can be charged wirelessly or via USB-C charging. The box includes a USB-C charging cable and 5 sets of ear tips -2 black and 3 translucent gray. I did not get a good fit with the tips provided in the box but Enacfire sent me 9 additional pairs of tips and I was able to then find the right fit from these extra tips.

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Once you get the right fitting tips, these earbuds stay put and also provide really good noise isolation despite them not having ANC. One trick is to twist them slightly so they fit in snugly and rest on your ear.

The earbuds are IPX rated so they are waterproof and ideal for workouts. I go for a jog every evening for about 30 minutes and they have yet to fall out of my ears in the last 40 odd days that I have owned these.

The start/pause controls work well. The other controls that are shown in the manual take a bit of getting used to. A neat feature is the ability to invoke Google Assistant when you tap either earbud three times consecutively.


Sound Performance is superb

The sound quality of the Enacfire E60 is excellent and probably punches way above its price tier.  It is well balanced with regards to both high and low tones. If you have access to EQ settings on your mobile device you will actually get even better performance.

The highs sound near perfect and the lows are good in general. But if you listen to new pop songs you will find the bass to be a bit lacking. Personally, this doesn’t bother me but if you like the Beats audio sound then you may want to look at other earbuds.

I compared the audio to my Soundcore Q20 over-ear headphones and couldn’t find a big difference between the two. I also found the same type of feedback from various YouTube reviewers who are audiophiles. Various instruments come across clearly and so do vocals, if the bass was about 10% higher these would be perfect.


Phone calls are fine without any issues. These have the Apt-X Qualcomm chip so there is pretty much zero latency and lossless audio performance to boot. They do have CVC8.0 noise cancellation so audio calls sound great as they filter out ambient background noise.

Connectivity is great

The E60 earbuds pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. They connected very quickly to pretty much every device I connected them to. This combined with aptX means extremely low latency and virtually no lag. This results in the ability to watch films or play video games without any hiccups.

Mobile call connections were stable and connected pretty much instantaneously as I opened the case. Also straight line I got at least 25 feet range without any dropped phone calls or losing connectivity.


Enacfire E60 wireless earbuds can be paired individually. This means that you can conserve battery life or talk time by using one earpiece at a time. Unfortunately, E60 cannot use both earpieces on mono mode, so you cannot listen with a single bud while the other is charging.

Accidentally I also discovered these to pair perfectly with Microsoft Teams on my PC via Bluetooth. Most BT headphones that work with Microsoft Teams need to be certified. Additionally, the certified headphones use a BT USB dongle so this is one great benefit of these earbuds.

Battery life is better than average

One thing that impressed me is the battery life. For earbuds that are under $40, these provide 7+ hours on a single charge. Since these are early days I haven’t had any issues with battery life. Moreover, the case has enough capacity for 5 recharges which works out to 40+ hours before a full recharge of the case and earbuds is required. Note that your mileage may vary based on the bitrate of the music you are streaming, volume among other factors.


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The case will recharge in less than 2hrs through USB type-C according to the manufacturer. I also charge the case wirelessly but haven’t noticed the time required for a full recharge.

Touch Controls

Touch sensors for simple things like play/pause or accept call/reject work with a single touch. To skip a track just touch twice on the right earbud. To return to a song tap twice on the left earbud. Changing the volume on earbuds is simple to increase volume press and hold the right earbud and to decrease the volume press and hold the left earbud.


I did have a bit of trouble with the volume increase and decrease consistently. The simple play/pause worked like a charm each time though.

Enacfire E60 Verdict

Overall Enacfire E60 are an excellent pair of earbuds for under $40. They are feature-packed with long battery life, waterproof design, touch controls, aptX, CVC8.0 in a lightweight ergonomic design. The case holds a charge for 40+ hours of listening time and can be charged via USB-C or wirelessly. The sound is crisp and clear with just the right amount of bass. Calls are clear without any lag and connectivity and pairing are top-notch.