eero 6 & eero Pro 6 Announced With Support For WiFi 6

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In Amazon's big fall hardware event today, the company took the wraps off of a pair of new eero mesh WiFi systems. The eero 6 and eero Pro 6. These both support WiFi 6, as well as a number of other new features.

The eero 6 and eero Pro 6 are both Mesh WiFi Routers that support WiFi 6 and Zigbee. Making it an all-in-one hub to control your smart home products, through your router. Instead of needing another base in your home.

In addition to WiFi 6, both eeros also support WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Making it future-proof at least for a little while. Like other mesh WiFi routers, it will still be able to move devices from band to band, to keep your WiFi network running smoothly.


The eero 6 series come with a slightly new design. It appears to have a slightly more bulbous design this time. But it should still fit where the old eero is. Or whever you place your current router.

eero 6 maintains dual gigabit ethernet ports

For the power users, the eero 6 does maintain the dual gigabit ethernet ports on each model. So you are able to still plug directly into your router and get the fastest speeds possible.

This is great if you have a slower network, or have a lot of devices on your network. As you can plug your laptop into the eero and get as much bandwidth as possible.


Additionally, eero can handle more than 75 devices simultaneously. That should be plenty, even for those with loads of smart home products in their home and connected to their network. And because it is a mesh network, it's going to be able to handle all of these devices easier without slowing down your network.

eero 6 is designed to fit homes up to 1,500 square-feet per eero, and can do internet connections of up to 500Mbps. While the eero Pro 6 can do up to 2,000 square-feet per eero. And is a true tri-band router.

How much is the new eero?

The eero 6 is going to start at $129, and the eero Pro 6 will start at $229.


Pre-orders for both models open up today. And as was the case with the previous eeros, you'll be able to add onto your network and expand it, if you need more space. You can purchase the eero 6 with two extenders for $279. Or get a single extender for $89. Allowing you to easily expand your network if one just isn't enough for your home. And you are finding you still have some deadspots.

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