Echo & Tile Devices Are Compatible With Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Echo Alexa Logo AM AH 1 2019

Amazon has confirmed that Echo and Tile devices will be compatible with its new neighborhood WiFi system Amazon Sidewalk. As reported by Engadget, Amazon sidewalk will launch “later this year” and now has more functionality by its ability to work with Echo and Tile devices.

This makes for a busy few weeks for Amazon with lots going on in the company. First, the company rebranded its software aimed at children by naming it Amazon Kids and Kids+. This move aims to make the software and products more appealing as well as accessible.

The company also sent out invites to its exclusive fall hardware event in the middle of September. No one knows exactly what will be featured here but it is still exciting news nonetheless.


Amazon Sidewalk will be compatible with most devices

The idea behind Amazon Sidewalk is to provide IoT devices with a connection even if they are far away from your WiFi router. Sidewalk should be able to use 900 MHz spectrum with LoRa to extend WiFi networks. This then allows them to reach devices normally out of range.

For example products such as lights at the end of your driveway and or speakers at the end of gardens would get coverage. The aim is for WiFi to pass through what will be known as ‘Sidewalk bridges’ to reach these products. This would take the form of Ring Spotlight Cams and Echo products, for example.

The end result would allow these devices to connect to nearby networks through those Bridge devices. Then, in turn, allow neighborhoods to join together create a community network powered by WiFi routers.


Details still thin on the ground for Amazon Sidewalk

Although there is much we do know about Amazon Sidewalk, many crucial details still remain a mystery. For example, there has been no indication of when it will release. The only indication we have got is that it will be “later this year”.

Ring Floodlight and Spotlight Cams will receive a notification to provide more information on participating and setting their control preferences. This same should get given to Echo customers as well.

Customers who have ‘Sidewalk bridge devices’ can opt-out of the scheme. This will not affect the functionality of anyone’s device, according to Amazon.


The company has also made assurances that this system will be secure. It claims the platform uses three layers of encryption to keep everyone’s data safe. However, such a sharing scheme will worry some customers, hence, why the option to opt-out is there and may be taken up by quite a few customers.