EA Play Comes To Xbox Game Pass On The Series X Launch Day

EA Play Xbox Game Pass

Earlier this month Microsoft revealed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate was getting access to EA Play, and today it's revealed when that service will actually arrive for subscribers.

In a tweet early this morning, the official Xbox twitter account noted that it had "some exciting news to share" regarding EA Play. That news was the arrival date of EA Play, which is landing the same day as the Xbox Series X.

That means on November 10, if you'll have an Xbox Series X in-hand and you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can play EA games at no charge. So long as they're in that collection of course.


Xbox Game Pass for PC won't get EA Play till December

November 10 is a fitting arrival time for EA Play. Because Microsoft's next-gen console launches on November 10 as well.

The service will still be made available to anyone who accesses Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC though. Just not till later in the year. There still isn't an exact date for its launch on the PC version of Game Pass, but it will be coming sometime in December.

That gives Xbox owners at least a full month before PC users of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get to check things out. And for big fans of EA's titles it might just spur some consumers to pick up a new Xbox console this holiday. Should they be able to find one in stock somewhere.


You'll get EA Play through the Xbox One as well

EA Play isn't just for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. If you still have an Xbox One and that's how you access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then this works for you too.

The only restriction really is that you have to have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you only subscribe to the regular version of Game Pass, then you won't get EA Play titles at all.

The arrival of EA Play continues to make Xbox Game Pass Ultimate one of the best deals in gaming. In the near future, Microsoft plans to add some of the most iconic franchises from Bethesda to the service. Starting with Doom Eternal which will be added on October 1.


This will just be the first game of many being added as well. Expect the earlier DOOM from 2016 to be added, in addition to titles from the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 4, maybe Fallout 76 and others.