Download New Collections Of Chrome OS Wallpapers In High Quality


Recently, Google has released new collection of wallpapers for the Chrome OS. Notably, there are 3 new collections and users can grab their copy even if they do not own a Chromebook.

The home screen is the first thing that you notice when you switch ON your PC/laptop. And the wallpapers are really an important factor to set the mood for the task at hand.

Well, desktop backgrounds are the first thing that you would change when you jump into customization. Moreover, wallpaper is the item that really sets the tone for any customization.


And with these new set of wallpapers from Google released for the Chrome OS, are absolutely stunning. Besides, they will give you desktop a refreshing new look.

On top of this, all these wallpapers are available to download. So, if you liked any one of those or the whole collection, you can grab them from the button that will be given below.

Let us take a look at each one of the collections, one by one.



As already mentioned, wallpapers are meant to lift your mood and give your desktop a refreshing new look. The first set of wallpapers are categorized under "Collage."

This wallpaper collection features wallpapers by Matthew Hollister. You can keep the wallpapers from the Collage section to give you desktop a serene vibe.

These wallpapers are pleasing to the eye and are a sight for sore eyes. Moreover, there are 12 wallpapers under this category, and wallpapers have brilliantly balanced colors, contrast.


Chrome Canvas

Chrome "Canvas" is an artwork creation app and all the wallpapers under this section are made using the same tool. The images give you an animated feel and there are some quirky characters.

The colors are enhanced to pop your desktop. This wallpaper collection is all thanks to Russ Gray and Hedof.


The third and final category of this wallpaper collection released by Google for Chrome OS is "Elements". This contains abstract designs and they are fabulous.


These wallpapers have unique color combinations and patterns that would really give a subtle look to your desktop. All these wallpapers are the hard work of Rutger Paulusse.

If you own a Chromebook then in order to apply these wallpapers you need to enable chrome://flags/#use-wallpaper-staging-url in Chrome OS.

You have to enable the Chrome OS flag in order for the Chromebook to show the wallpapers. And after that, you will be able to set any of the wallpapers.


However, if you do not own a Chromebook, then simply download the images from any of the collections in their 3000×1999 resolution and set it as wallpaper.

Download wallpapers