Demand for Samsung Exynos Chipsets Expected to Grow Next Year


Analysts and industry watchers expect the demand for Samsung Electronics Co. manufactured Exynos chipsets to grow next year. The Korean manufacturer aims to increase its share of the application processor (AP) market, next year.

Samsung is developing a new high-end Exynos chipset, codenamed 'Olympus'. This new Exynos chipset will boast upgraded performance and competitive pricing.

Historically, Samsung Electronics Co. has designed and manufactured Exynos chipsets for mostly its own consumption. As such, the Korean manufacturer had its own custom central processing unit (CPU) development, team.


Samsung manufactures around 150-200 million Exynos chipset units each year. Unsurprisingly, a majority of these Exynos chipset units end up in Samsung's Galaxy range of devices.

Actually, Samsung has used both, Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets, in its Galaxy and Note series of smartphones. The Exynos models have been used for the Asian markets, while the Qualcomm devices have been sold to US consumers.

In fact, several Chinese manufacturers – Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo – also use Exynos chipsets in their smartphones.


However, as per the latest reports, Samsung has retired its own customer central processing unit (CPU) development team.

The new Exynos 'Olympus' chipset will use ARM-designed cores instead. This is a major move for the Korean manufacturer and is expected to help them bridge the gap with Qualcomm.

Interestingly, the new Exynos 'Olympus' chipset also boasts an AMD graphics processing unit (GPU).


Samsung Exynos Chipsets have lagged behind Qualcomm in performance.

Unfortunately, Exynos chips have lagged against the market leader – Qualcomm – in performance benchmarks since 2017. Qualcomm, an American public MNC, is a manufacturer of semiconductors, and chipsets.

In fact, Qualcomm is the de-facto leader in the manufacturing of application processor (AP) units for mobile devices, globally. Samsung has always played catch-up in this market to Qualcomm.

Unfortunately, Samsung's in-house CPU design team has let Samsung down with the Exynos 990 as well.  In fact, customers have reported heating issues with the Samsung Exynos 990.


As such, it makes sense for Samsung to ditch its in-house team in favour of core design market leader ARM. In fact, Samsung had shut down development work on its custom Mongoose CPU last year itself. Till last year, Mongoose CPUs had powered the Exynos chipset series.

Samsung Exynos chipsets to be on par with Qualcomm next year – Analysts.

Analysts and Industry watchers hold the upcoming Exynos "Olympus" series in high regard. The industry expects Samsung to narrow down the performance gap with Qualcomm from next year.

Analysts expect the US ban on Huawei to favorably impact Samsung's Exynos shipments as well. Also, Qualcomm has raised the price of its mobile AP chipsets. This hasn't gone down well with manufacturers. Many are expected to switch their loyalties to Samsung Exynos instead.


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