CBS All Access Will Morph Into Paramount+ Next Year


Media companies obsession with adding a “+” to their names continue.

After the Viacom and CBS merger completed, we knew that there would be some changes. And ViacomCBS also mentioned that they would be “relaunching” CBS All Access. Now we’re learning just how deep that relaunch is going to be. CBS All Access is getting a new name, Paramount+. And it’ll launch in 2021.

Paramount+ is going to be taking on rivals like HBO Max, Disney+ and Peacock. And with the vast library that ViacomCBS has, it can definitely come out on top.


What new shows are coming to Paramount+?

ViacomCBS has been pretty quiet about what content is going to be available on Paramount+, particularly when it comes to new shows.

But we do know of one show coming. Which is “The Offer”. This is a scripted, 10-episode series about producer Al Ruddy’s experience with making “The Godfather”.

There are a few other shows that are coming. Like “The Real Criminal Minds” which is a true crime docuseries based on the exising CBS show. And there will be a revival of the CW and BET’s “The Game”. Which marks it’s second revival.

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Previously announced shows like “Kamp Koral”, which is a Spongebob SquarePants spinoff, will be coming, as well as a new SpongeBob movie in 2021.

These are in addition to the over 20,000 episodes and movies from MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Pictures, CBS original series and more. So if you were wondering whether there would be enough content available on Paramount+, don’t. With the rebrand, it will be expanding to more than 30,000 episodes and movies.

Will pricing increase?

ViacomCBS has continually said that it will not increase pricing. Which is currently set at $5.99 per month for ad-supported and $9.99 per month for the ad-free experience.


However, today, executives would not emphatically say that the prices would not go up. So there is a chance that we could see pricing for Paramount+ increase after the rebrand next year. But we’re crossing our fingers that doesn’t happen. As a price increase will make it tougher for Paramount+ to compete with the others out there. As of right now, it’s a buck cheaper than Disney+, the same price as Hulu (with ads), and significantly cheaper than HBO MAX and Netflix.

There’s no set date for the rebrand, but ViacomCBS does want to launch it pretty early in 2021. So expect to see it in the first quarter, most likely.