Building An Android App For Employee Use

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If you intend to create an android app for your employees to use as part of their day-to-day work, it’s important that you plan everything carefully. There are many factors that need to be taken into account during the app creation process – particularly if the finished resource will be used to access your business’s electronic infrastructure or to communicate with clients. In this article, we’ll explore key elements to remember as you design and build an application for use by employees.

Cross-Device Optimization

Ideally, your app will be usable on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers. While cross-device optimization is becoming simpler to achieve as design tools grow in sophistication, there are still plenty of examples of apps that miss the mark. Poor translation between devices can make a tool unusable, as certain features may not load or appear on the screen properly, and text can become illegible. Even if your employees only use one type of device, it’s important to make your app easily usable on any platform in case of future changes.


How will your application connect to the network, and what will happen if there is no coverage? Will you be able to effectively track and monitor the behavior of each advice when it connects with your business’s internal and wider network? It’s a good idea to invest in high quality professional network visibility and monitoring tools to help you with this. A comprehensive enterprise mobile management solution is easy to source and will enable you to closely manage the implementation of your new application without neglecting any key considerations.


Employee Tech Literacy

How tech-savvy are your staff members? While you can provide extensive training in the use of your new tool, you should also try to gauge how comfortable they are likely to be with getting to grips with it. Why not directly ask your team members about what would put them off using a new app and what would make things easier for them? It’s better to build something around the needs and requirements of your workforce than try to force them to use something they’re likely to struggle with.


If you are planning an app that will allow team members to remotely access your company’s electronic infrastructure or communications feeds in any way – or to share information with customers or other stakeholders – it is vital to implement proper cybersecurity tools and data protection processes. All devices and access points used should be properly vetted and security protected, and employees should be thoroughly trained in safe practice before the new initiative is rolled out. You should also consider how users will be able to sign in and out, as neglecting this factor can easily result in a data breach. The use of specialist mobile device manager resources is likely to be invaluable when considering these matters.

Implementation Process

How will your application be introduced? Will it be able to work in conjunction with existing software and tools, or will adjustments need to be made? Will every member of staff be required to begin using the resource at once, or will there be a gradual transfer? Try to risk assess each option before you settle on one. It may be worth experimenting with this move and managing the process bit by bit, just in case it causes any delays to your operations or, worse, a system outage.