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Bose Just Introduced New Frames For Athletes


Bose took the wraps off of three new sunglasses for its Frame lineup, all of which come with speakers.

The new models are Tempo, Tenor and Soprano. These offer better bass response than the originals – Alto and Rondo.

These sunglasses have little "baby speakers" attached. These speakers are placed outside of your ears on purpose, so they don't obscure them. And you'll be able to still hear your surroundings, even if you are listening to music.


Complete with an updated microphone system

These new Frames come with an updated microphone system that is able to keep out wind and other ambient noises. That is going to make talking on the phone easier as well.

This time around, Bose added integrated touch control for volume controls. So all you need to do is slide your finger forward or backward on the right temple. That means you won't need to pull out your phone to adjust the volume anytime soon.

All three models of the new Frames lineup are available now from Bose and select retailers for $249.95, and are prescription-ready.


The differences between Tempo, Tenor and Soprano

Tempo is basically a pair of sports sunglasses. They are made of a thermoplastic material that can withstand extreme temperatures and various conditions. They also feature grippy nose pads, so they won't slip down your face when you're on the move. The Tempo has 22mm speakers embedded, and they are powerful enough to hear your music when you're cycling at 25mph. Tempo also has eight hours of battery life, and has several lenses to choose from.  Including the basic polycarbonate one, Road Orange (can reduce glare from reflective surfaces), Trail Blue (can increase contrast under bright sun conditions) and Twilight Yellow (very low light lens for use at dusk).

Tenor and Soprano are pretty similar actually. And are made for everyday use. Tenor has a square-style design, and the Soprano have a subtle cat-eye shape. Both of these have 16mm speakers, so they are smaller than the Tempo. And are also scratch and shatter-resistant. Battery life is rated at 5.5 hours on these two. There are different lenses to choose from as well. Including Mirrored Blue and Silver for Tenor. While Soprano has Rose Gold and Purple-fade.

These are pretty neat looking sunglasses from Bose and while they are not cheap, they are a pretty interesting product. Instead of needing to bring headphones with you on a jog, you can just bring your sunglasses. And with eight hours of battery life, the Tempo will last a full run.