Let BodyGuardz Protect Your New Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

BodyGuardz Ace Pro Pure 2 Galaxy FE

Samsung launched its new Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE) and BodyGuardz has announced new accessories to keep it safe. Certified by the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP), the latter company has two new protective devices, in fact. Those are the Ace Pro Case and the Pure 2 Screen Protector.

The certification through Samsung means that the fit and function of each device should be uninterrupted. So users should be able to use the device with the new case and screen protector without impeding on those aspects of it at all.

This Galaxy S20 FE case and protector are probably best used together

Now, these two products from BodyGuardz are likely best used together. That's because, as noted above, there's both a case and a screen protector. And they'll likely fit together nicely as a result.


The first is the Ace Pro Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Designed to show off the colors of the handset, as its branding implies, Ace Pro is a protective case. It utilizes BodyGuardz Unequal material with antimicrobial tech thrown into the mix in a semi-transparent Smoke Black coloration. So it will stay fresh over its lifetime and is shock absorbant against drops. In fact, it provides up to 10-feet of drop protection.

Conversely, Pure 2 Screen Protector is also what it sounds like. Composed of a type of glass known as Aluminosilicate, the case protects the device's touchscreen from scratches. That's on top of an anti-smudge coating and antimicrobial protection. It also improves drop-protection in an easy-to-apply package, precision-cut to fit the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Pricing and availability

The newest Samsung Galaxy S20 FE case and screen protector from BodyGuardz are available starting today. And, purchased directly from BodyGuardz, it won't cost an arm and a leg to protect the new $699 device either.


The Pure 2 Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE starts out at an MSRP of $40 according to its listing on AT&T. As of this writing, BodyGuardz hasn't updated its site to include the accessories. The Ace Pro Case, on the other hand, costs just $45.

Once the accessories land at BodyGuardz's site, shipping is free for US customers.

Of course, the company’s Advantage Program is part of the package. That gives buyers free screen protector replacements through the life of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Buyers just need to pay for shipping and handling for those replacements. The cases have a similar lifetime warranty as well.