Best Of IFA 2020: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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The Galaxy Watch 3 is the culmination of Samsung’s rigorous efforts in wearables the last six years

Samsung has spent years designing and building smartwatches, working towards perfecting its offerings, and the Galaxy Watch 3 is an excellent example of all that hard work which is why the product is being honored with the Best Of IFA 2020 award.

The Galaxy Watch 3 isn’t just a smartwatch. It’s a health and wellness tool that was built to be a tiny companion on your wrist.

Packed with everything from a blood oxygen sensor to fall detection and more. Whatever your wellness goals are, the Galaxy Watch 3 is capable of helping you along every step of the way. All while keeping you on track to meet them.


Making navigation easy with the return of the rotating bezel

One of Samsung’s best features on smartwatches in all its time making them has been the rotating bezel.

Smartwatches are already sometimes a challenge to navigate because of how small the displays are. At least compared to navigating smartphones. That’s why Samsung’s implementation of the rotating bezel feels like such a marvel.

It’s intuitive and easy to use, and it lessens the amount of times that you have to touch the display and smudge it up. It’s a natural and easy way to move through menus and different screens.


Once you’ve used the rotating bezel you’ll never want to navigate through your smartwatch any other way. Some watches use rotating crown buttons for a similar purpose. However these don’t really work as well. And the rotating bezel is easier to get a grip on because of its size.

An everyday watch loaded with health and wellness features

The design of the Galaxy Watch 3 makes it obvious that this is more of everyday smartwatch than a fitness watch. But it is loaded with health and wellness features.

There’s less of a focus on apps and all the things the watch could be capable of, and more of a focus on mindful features that assist in making you the best you that you can be. Part of having a healthy lifestyle is getting a good night’s sleep.


And the Galaxy Watch 3 features a built-in sleep tracker that’s not only automatic, but it doesn’t require an app to work. Simply wear it when you go to bed and it’ll track your sleep and give you a sleep score.

Then if you need to adjust anything you can. It’s also getting an ECG app sometime in the near future, which will allow you to check your heart rhythm right from your wrist. It also has built-in GPS to track run/walk/cycle routes.

All of these things and more are wrapped up into a sleek yet classic watch design that is also slimmer and lighter than previous Galaxy Watches. Samsung made strides with meaningful improvements with the Galaxy Watch 3, which is why it’s being honored with the AndroidHeadlines Best of IFA 2020 Award.