Best Of IFA 2020: LG Wing

LG Wing Best Of IFA 2020

The LG Wing shows that the company still isn’t afraid to try new things

Smartphones these days feel like they’ve hit a little bit of a plateau, but that’s not really the case with the LG Wing, a pretty unique device that for its out of the box design has earned it our Best Of IFA 2020 award.

LG didn’t officially announce the Wing at IFA 2020, but it did tease the device during the event. And it’s set to make a debut on September 14.

Though LG is hardly the only company out there right now to have a unique smartphone or mobile device, it’s still one of only a few. The LG Wing is LG’s take on a smartphone that has more usable screen space. And not just by making a larger phone.


Rather, the Wing uses a secondary display that’s attached to the back which can rotate outward to the side. This design presents a multitude of different ways to use the phone. Ways in which wouldn’t be possible on a phone with one single display.

Multitasking is going to be a big feature for the LG Wing

As noted LG hasn’t officially announced this device yet. But it has leaked recently and some of the uses were shown off.

The Wing is going to be a very useful multitasking device. Some examples include having navigation displayed on one screen while streaming music is displayed on the other. And both could be interacted with independently. This independent usability is what will really make the device stand out.


Another example is playing a game or watching a video on the main display in landscape mode. Meanwhile you could respond to incoming text messages on the secondary display that would be in portrait mode.

On top of these examples there are bound to be others. Though it’ll be easy to know more on exact capabilities once the device is fully revealed.

An elevated viewing experience and respectable hardware

Based on the limited information and rumors that are already out there on the LG Wing, it’ll potentially feature some respectable hardware.


Such as the Snapdragon 765G and possible 5G support. Meaning this will be a phone that is ready to take on the more advanced mobile networks of the future. LG is touting this device as being part of its newly created Explorer Project.

offering an elevated viewing experience to users in a way that no other device will be able to do. This slightly strange and yet, exciting and innovative concept for a smartphone has our interests at AndroidHeadlines piqued, and it’s the main reason why the LG Wing is being honored with the Best Of IFA 2020 award.