Best Of IFA 2020: Blink Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

blink indoor best of IFA 2020 award

With up to four years of battery life, Blink’s new cameras are the ones to beat

Blink announced a couple of new smart security cameras at IFA 2020 this week. The Blink Indoor and Outdoor.

These new security cameras are pretty impressive for a number of reasons, including the fact that they can last for four years on a single set of batteries. Meanwhile, its competition can barely hit six months.

That reason alone is enough to make the Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras worthy of our Best of IFA 2020 award.


The epic battery life is thanks to AA batteries

Most security cameras run off of removable and/or rechargeable batteries. So you can easily recharge them and then put it back in the camera after a few hours. But Blink is different. It runs on two AA batteries.

And thanks to those two AA batteries, the Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras can last two years on a charge. Blink is able to do this thanks to their proprietary chip that is inside, it conserves a lot of battery life. Blink cameras only record when it sees motion or people. This helps conserve power, but also makes sure that your library isn’t full of clips that have nothing happening. Which is also important.

Blink is able to get to four years of battery life, thanks to the battery expansion pack that it’ll be selling later this year. This battery expansion pack can add two more AA batteries, for a total of four. And that will give you four years of battery life, before you need to think about changing them.


What this means is that you won’t need to worry about replacing the batteries anytime soon. Even on the most aggressive settings, the Blink cameras will last for years.

Blink cameras offer a lot of features, for not a lot of cash

The Blink Indoor and Outdoor security cameras are still very cheap. These are under $100, with the Indoor model being $79. That’s a fraction of the cost of other wire-free security cameras on the market. And it still offers up plenty of great features.

These cameras will record in 1080p video, and also offer night vision. So you can see what’s going on outside of your home (and inside your home) even when there are no lights on.


Two-way audio is also available, allowing you to speak to whoever is in the view of the camera. You will also get alerts on your smartphone (or via Alexa), when there is motion or people detected.

Finally, Blink allows you to store video clips locally. But you can also subscribe to its cloud storage plan. It is not required for any other features, other than storing your content in the cloud.

These are all great reasons for honoring the Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras with AndroidHeadlines Best of IFA 2020 Award. But for us, the epic battery life of four years, really put it over the top.