Best Buy Begins Selling The Stadia Premiere Bundle

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Up until now if you wanted to get your hands on the Stadia Premiere Edition Bundle you'd have to get it from Google, but now you can pick up from Best Buy.

The Stadia Premiere Edition Bundle is Google's all you need package to get started with Stadia. It comes with one controller (in white), the Chromecast Ultra, and a 90-day subscription to Stadia Pro.

You do not need the bundle to use Stadia now that invites aren't required, and you can easily use your own peripherals. But if you want to play on your TV, you'll need the CCU. And the Stadia controller along with it.


In which case the Stadia Premier Edition Bundle from Best Buy is sure to be of use. Because it'll be cheaper than buying the controller and the CCU separately. Then there's that free 90-day sub.

The Stadia Premiere Edition bundle from Best Buy can be picked up in-store

You can grab the bundle from the website and have it shipped to your store of choice. So if you feel like getting at a physical location, you can do so.

Whether or not it's actually stocked in any locations without having to ship it there first is unclear. Checking multiple locations in our area didn't reveal any that had it in stock. So it seems that it might be online orders only.


Purchasing it from Best Buy is also the same cost. As it retails for $99.99. Which puts it right on par with the pricing at the Google Store.

This could mean an expansion to more stores

With Best Buy now selling the Premiere Edition Bundle, more retailers may begin to pick it up.

Which is going to mean even more exposure for Stadia and that's a good thing. It should lead to more users learning about Stadia and what it is. Some retailers may even have it set up in-store (if it ends up being offered in-store) for people to try.


That would honestly be the best way to get it into more people's hands. Allowing them to test it out at big box retail stores. Best Buy appears to have started selling the bundle sometime yesterday afternoon.

So the arrival of Google's cloud gaming platform is fresh. It's also a bit of an odd time for Best Buy to start selling it. Considering the PS5 went up for pre-order back on Wednesday evening from every major retail partner. Best Buy included.

Either way, Stadia is now available at one of the bigger electronics retailers in the US. So if you fancy getting yourself one of the bundles, now is the best time to buy into the platform.


Stadia Premiere Edition Bundle - Best Buy