AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile Launch ZenKey, A New Identity Verification Tool


AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile (and Sprint) have been working on a network-based identity solution for at least a couple of years now. Called ZenKey, the new security solution is now rolling for consumers on select apps and websites. Announced back in September 2018 as Project Verify, the initiative was given the ZenKey name in October last year.

This joint venture of the three major US wireless providers allows consumers to log into apps without creating a new account. ZenKey will use their smartphone to authenticate their identity. Think of it as those sign-in buttons you see on most apps or websites that let you sign in using your Facebook or Google account. They use your already existing Facebook or Google account to verify your identity.

The idea behind ZenKey is that you should be able to use your smartphone, that's on you almost all the time, as a way to verify your identity. All you need to do is download the ZenKey app on your phone. You're then ready to do away with dozens of usernames, passwords, and one-time passcodes from your life.


The solution relies on data derived from wireless carriers to verify users' identities. It uses multi-factor authentication to help protect against fraud, unauthorized access, and account takeovers. The factors include the user's phone number, IP address, SIM card details, phone account type, account tenure, and other credentials.

You can control the personal information that you share with apps and accounts with just a few clicks. Users can also link ZenKey with their trusted PCs and tablets for quick identity verification. It can serve as the primary authentication method, or as a second factor replacing PIN codes.

ZenKey is now available on LiveXLive, Verizon My Fios, and more

The new security solution from the big three American carriers is now available on select mobile apps and websites. Those include mobile apps for LiveXLive and Verizon My Fios, as well as websites for AT&T TV, DIRECTV, myAT&T, AT&T TV Now, and "Currently, from AT&T."


In addition, enterprise access management services such as ForgeRock has also integrated ZenKey into their identity platform. Their clients can select ZenKey as the identity verification tool for consumer transactions and employee sign-on. IBM is also adding the new solution to its IBM Security Verify portfolio.

Furthermore, ZenKey will go on trial or live on several other apps and websites in the coming months. DocuSign, Envisible, FilesAnywhere, Global Grid for Learning, and Proctorio are some of the services that'll soon let users verify their identity using ZenKey.