AT&T Is Using How To Videos To Onboard Surface Duo Customers

Microsoft Surface Duo featured image

AT&T is apparently putting together a series of how to videos for its Microsoft Surface Duo customers to help with the onboarding process.

The series of videos was leaked by Evan Blass and posted on Patreon. Where you can check them all out if you want to give them a watch.

The presence of these videos points to the fact that AT&T is taking a bit of a more hands-off approach in helping customers set these phones up. While it would no doubt help customers in-store should they ask, the videos for simple tasks gives them the tools to do it themselves.


Setting up and using Android phones isn't a big challenge for most people. But it's likely the differences between the Surface Duo and other Android devices that convinced AT&T to make these.

The phone does have some quirks to it. And Microsoft obviously wants users to take full advantage of the device's unique features.

AT&T how to videos for the Surface Duo go through most basic functions

AT&T isn't looking to put out an exhaustive collection of tutorials. Rather it's lined up a handful of short videos that walk you through most of the basic functions.


Everything from setting up your voicemail to snapping a photo seems to be showcased. So the videos will probably be helpful for anyone that is new to Android. There's also videos for setting up the fingerprint lock and enabling/disabling Wi-Fi and the hotspot.

That being said, there's a chance things could get a little confusing for existing Android users too. Given that this device has two screens and that may trip some users up.

Following in the footsteps of Samsung

This is sort of similar to what Samsung has set up for the customers of its foldable devices.


Though that process is a little more tailored to the vast differences that devices like the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Z Fold 2 have to offer. It's not too far off though.

The main difference is that, what Samsung offers is called the Samsung Premiere Service. And it's available 24/7 just like the Pixel support service. You can technically consider these videos as a 24/7 availability, but they lack the live support where you could ask questions if you needed to.

Still, it seems like AT&T and Microsoft want to ensure that users don't get too bogged down when trying to set up a Surface Duo. And short tutorial videos are a decent way to get started with that.