Amazon Announces Fall Hardware Event For September 24

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Amazon has announced the date for its fall hardware event. It will take place on September 24 at 1 PM ET as reported by The Verge.

Amazon never manages to stay out of the news for that long and as a result, this is not the first story concerning the company this month. Early this month Amazon announced its new Amazon for Residential service designed to help property owners.

Amazon will also hope that this event announcement will take some shine away from other worrying news concerning the company. It recently emerged that a number of Amazon Basics products may be dangerous and that Amazon may not have done enough to investigate and recall this produced.


There are still very few details when it comes to this Amazon fall hardware event. In invites Amazon sent out, the only thing they said is that the would share "some news". Quite vague so it will be interesting to see if any more detail come out over time.

Exclusive Amazon hardware event set for September 24

An Amazon spokesperson said that this event would just be invite-only. This means that it will be fairly exclusive creating a sense of intrigue. Because of this, the likelihood that this event will not be publicly streamed. Why Amazon has made this decision is not known at the moment.

As mentioned, there are no firm details on what will go on or get shown at the event. This has naturally, led to a fair bit of speculation surrounding the event. Hopefully, we will find out a little bit more as time goes on.


Some reporters seem to suggest that we may see new smart speakers and smart displays of some kind. This is largely based off of what happened at last year's events. In 2019, Amazon launched the flagship Echo Studio speaker, the Echo Show 8 smart display, and a third-generation Echo speaker.

However, Amazon could show off some more surprising and out there hardware that more people will not expect. For example, last year Amazon showed off revealed the Echo Frames glasses, which had Alexa built-in, and the Echo Loop.

If we see something a bit more akin to this more exciting and out there then this event could be pretty exciting. Hopefully, it will be worth watching and Amazon will offer up something interesting. The fact that they have kept this fairly exclusive, then something of some note must be happening but we will have to wait and see.