Amazon Enters Cloud Gaming With Low-Cost Luna

Luna Cloud Gaming

Amazon is officially in the running for cloud gaming with Luna, its newly announced service that was just unveiled today during the company's large product event.

Luna was initially rumored late last year, but at the time there wasn't much information about what it would cost, what it was called, or how it would work or what it would offer.

Details were sparse and the rumor was simply that Amazon had interest in launching a cloud gaming service in 2020. Luna is the service from that rumor, and right off the bat it seems like a competitive offering.


It comes in at a low-cost, there appears to be lots of games that will be available, and it works on multiple devices. All-in-all, Amazon may have a winner here. But time will tell.

Amazon Luna cloud gaming service will start at $5.99

In terms of cost, what Amazon is going to be offering seems competitive. It starts at $5.99.

That's already $4 below Google's Stadia Pro, and $1 more than GeForce NOW. And if you compare it to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, where Microsoft's cloud gaming now exists, then it's much cheaper since Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99.

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There is at least one caveat though. The $5.99 is an early access price. Amazon doesn't appear to list what the cost will be once Luna leaves early access. Nor does it mention when that will be.

So for now the service is firmly planted in a good spot when it comes to cost. But it may not always be that way. In its early access period, Luna will be available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Fire TV. Android will be coming soon.

No lengthy downloads, tons of games, and a dedicated controller

Luna will seemingly be a very good cloud gaming option. At least based off the details Amazon has shared so far.


The early access version, which you can request access to right now, will have a large selection of games across different genres. Some of the titles listed are Control, the Panzer Dragoon Remake, Resident Evil 7, The Surge 2, GRID, ABZU, and more.

over on the Luna landing page, there's a much larger collection of games shown. Though these won't necessarily all be available. Those titles include Bloodstained, Metro Exodus, Watch Dogs Legion, and even Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

There's a good variety of games here. And if Luna gets off to a good start then it will undoubtedly get more. It also looks like Ubisoft's Uplay+ will be available through Luna but not right away as it's listed as coming soon.


Amazon has everything listed out in channels. So there's the Luna+ channel that has a growing library of games. And then the Ubisoft channel which is coming soon that will open access to a collection of just Ubisoft titles, including DLC content.

The service comes with its own controller (it retails for $49.99) which looks a lot like a cross between the Stadia controller and the Switch Pro controller.

And the service is built on the foundation of Amazon's AWS servers. So Amazon is promoting low-latency gameplay and all that goodness that Google has been touting since last November.


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