Amazon's Echo Dot Kids Edition Is Now More Kid-Friendly

Echo Dot Kids Edition Tiger and Panda

Along with the new Echo Dot today, Amazon also announced a new Echo Dot Kids Edition, which is actually more kid-friendly now.

With the previous model, it looks exactly like the regular Echo Dot, but with a new color on the outside. But with the redesign of the Echo Dot. Amazon was free to really get crazy with the designs on these Kids Edition versions.

So, Amazon added some animal designs to the Kids Edition. Including tigers, pandas and more. Which makes it really fit into a kids room, and also makes them a bit more fun.


Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with kid-friendly Alexa responses

At the heart of the Echo Dot Kids Edition is Alexa, like with any Echo device. But with the Echo Dot Kids Edition, the responses are now kid-friendly.

It also allows kids to listen to thousands of Audible books that are also kid-friendly. Some of the brands that are available are Disney, Nickelodeon and National Geographic.

There is a new feature for Alexa on this version of the Echo Dot though. And that is Sidekick. So Alexa will read along with your kid, and help them out with their reading time. And with the majority of us stuck at home right now, that's a really great feature to have available. So kids can still get their reading time in, even if their parents are busy cooking, working, or whatnot.


This is all part of Amazon Kids+ (also known as Freetime Unlimited). You will get a year free when you purchase the Echo Dot Kids Edition, and after that year, it'll cost you $2.99 per month, plus tax. Which is not too bad, especially considering the amount of content that is available on Freetime Unlimited. It's definitely worth that price.

Amazon also includes a two-year worry-free guarantee. So if your kid(s) breaks the Echo Dot, Amazon will replace it free of charge, and no questions asked.

When can I pre-order it?

It is available for pre-order today. It costs the same $59.99 as the previous generation did.


Pre-orders will ship on October 22. So they should arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. Even if Amazon's stock does run low.

Currently, they are only available as a tiger or panda. But we wouldn't be surprised if Amazon adds more options later on.

You can pre-order it by clicking here. 


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