Amazfit Will Begin Selling Its Wearables At Walmart

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Amazfit just announced its latest device on Monday, the Band 5, but it's the brands older wearables that you'll soon be able to buy at Walmart stores.

In an announcement today Amazfit said that Walmart would begin to sell two of its older smartwatches. This marks a big change for Amazfit going forward. The brand is well-known. And you can purchase some of its products on Amazon already.

Gaining visibility at Walmart though is a big deal because it's the largest national retailer in the US. Amazon is second. Not to mention Amazon is online only. Meanwhile Walmart has physical stores around the entire country.


Walmart will be the first national retailer to sell Amazfit products in-store

Amazon may be a behemoth online, but there's a big difference between being able to have everything shipped to your doorstep and hold a product in your hands.

This is why the partnership between Amazfit and Walmart is such a big deal. Customers looking for wearables will be able to physically see Amazfit products at store locations before they make the purchase.

And that kind of visibility shouldn't be understated. Walmart will also be the first national retailer to carry products from the brand in an actual store. According to the announcement Walmart will carry the two watches at thousands of locations across the US later this month.


So it's likely that every store in every major city will have these products. Making Amazfit readily available to the masses without having to place an online order.

Sales will start with the Amazfit GTS and Bip S

Not all of Amazfit's products will be purchasable at Walmart stores. As noted above only two of the brand's older wearables will be part of the deal.

This includes the Amazfit GTS, a more health-focused mid-tier smartwatch. And the Bip S, a smartwatch that is more of an entry-level offering. The GTS retails originally for $150, though it's down to $135 on Amazon at the moment.


Walmart will be carrying this model in Black and Gold at 2,553 of its retail locations nationwide. Meanwhile the Bip S retails for $70, and Walmart will carry this model in Onyx Black and Warm Pink at 2,870 of its retail locations nationwide.

You can also purchase both of those smartwatches through various other retailers online.

Walmart may be the first retailer for this brand expansion, but it probably won't be the last. Amazfit says that it will continue to work at expanding the brand across the US and work with other major retailers. So eventually you could see Amazfit products at other large retail stores who carry wearables.


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