Here's The All-New Amazon Echo Dot & Echo Dot with Clock

echo dot

Amazon has just announced the all-new fourth-generation Echo Dot today, and it's keeping the same $49.99 price tag. Keeping it a great entry point for getting into the Amazon and Alexa ecosystem.

The new Echo Dot also sports a new design, and it looks more like a sphere, and comes in three colors: chalk, steel blue and charcoal. With the steel blue being a somewhat new color for the Echo Dot.

It also comes in a fabric finish, which is made from 100% recycled fabric. This fabric finish allows the Echo Dot to produce crisp vocals and balanced bass for full sound. While also keeping the Echo Dot from picking up scratches, dust and dirt. While also keeping the sound quality top-notch. Which is pretty important.


The Echo Dot with Clock has the same sort of design, but with an LED clock on the front. But, it only comes in blue steel and charcoal. So there's no chalk color this time. And that is likely due to the fact that the LED clock would be tough to see on a chalk colored Echo Dot with Clock.

It's the same Echo Dot you know and love

This is the same Echo Dot that we all know and love, but it comes with a new design. Which makes it look more unique, and you're more likely to put these in other places around your home.

As a sphere, the Echo Dot is able to fill the room a lot easier, with audio. As it is basically a 360-degree speaker, and as the third-generation model did, it gets even better with audio quality. Giving you some really good bass, as well as crystal clear mids and highs. Making it a really good sounding smart speaker, which is exactly what it is.

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Of course, Alexa is still built-in, and it's continuing to get better and better.

The Alexa ring has moved to the bottom of the Echo Dot, so that it is now going to light up the table that it is sitting on. Making it look pretty unique, and out of the way.

When can I pre-order the Echo Dot?

Pre-orders or the new Echo Dot start today. As mentioned, the Echo Dot is sticking with the same $49.99 price tag.


The Echo Dot with Clock also goes up for pre-order today and will cost the same $59.99.

They should begin shipping next month. Though Amazon has not yet announced when they will ship, or opened pre-orders just yet.

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