Alexa Print Can Entertain Your Kids With Coloring, Crossword Puzzles

Alexa Print presser

Amazon’s Alexa devices can now print documents and novel content covering everything from coloring pages to shopping lists. That’s based on an announcement from the world’s biggest online retail shipping company, detailing the new feature.

Summarily, users will be able to access Alexa Print using those keywords followed by a command for what they’d like to print. And there are a plethora of things that can be printed at any given time. Users might, for instance, print off their shopping list, a recipe, or some lined or graph paper. Conversely, they might choose to print off a math worksheet for their children.

Or, for more entertaining use cases, the feature can be used to print off crosswords, coloring pages, Sudoku puzzles, and more. All with their voice from any connected Alexa-enabled device.


Which printers can use Alexa Print right now?

Using Amazon’s new feature is just about as straightforward as it could be. Users simply need to tell Alexa to “Discover my printer” to get started. From there, Alexa will scan the network to add the printer to set as its default.

Now, not every printer will be supported, at least not for now. But there are at least four brands and a wide swath of models within those, straight out of the gate. Those are some of the most popular brands too, including Canon, Brother, HP, and Epson. Amazon has a full list available at the announcement via its help pages for the feature.

After the printer has been set up, it’s just a matter of using the appropriate commands, as mentioned above. Amazon has a full list of commands available at its site. And, of course, low ink or paper notifications and smart re-ordering are possible through this new feature as well. And users can easily adjust when and how those notifications are received, whether via email or voice.


You can save money this way too and it’s available right now

Alexa Print is rolled out as of today, according to Amazon. So any of the above-mentioned features should already be available for users invested in the Amazon ecosystem. Better still, linking up a printer can actually save users some money. That’s because linking and then signing up for smart reorders can earn users 10-percent off on all ink or toner reorders.