Alexa Introduces Samuel L. Jackson As Part Of Celebrity Voice Program

Amazon Echo Alexa Logo AM AH 1 2019

As part of its celebrity voice program, Amazon's Alexa has updated the voice, Samuel L Jackson, on its devices. As announced by the company, it is making it easier to summon the voice of Jackson on its devices.

This is not the only update Amazon has worked on over the past few weeks. Alexa Print has expanded to allow more keywords to print things like crosswords and colouring books for kids. Amazon also introduced a service called Alexa for Residential designed to lend a hand to property managers.

This, though, is probably one of the most exciting innovations for Alexa users on an entertainment level. As reported by Android Police, the ability to use the voice of Samuel L Jackson on Alexa came in last year. However, due to such a great demand for the actor's voice, Amazon has decided to expand the commands he can be used for.


Amazon simplifies voice commands for Samuel L. Jackson

Firstly Amazon had made it much easier to summon Jackson's voice. Users can now simply say "Hey Samuel" to ask for a range of commands. These include jokes, weather, and more.

If you have never used Jackson's voice before you will need to take one step before this. To begin with just say "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson". Then you can choose the "Hey Samuel" wake word to use it easily from now on.

The "Hey Samuel" wake word works with almost all voice-activated Echo devices. However, the Echo and Echo Dot and Echo Look will not work. For these devices, users will need to use the command "Alexa, ask Samuel".


Many more entertaining commands introduced for Jackson

Alongside the simplification of accessing the voice of Jackson, Amazon has also introduced a whole series of new commands. On the announcement, linked above, Amazon provides a more comprehensive list of these top commands.

However, here are a few of our favourites. Firstly, there is a range of basic ones like asking for jokes, the weather, setting timers and playing music.

However, things get more interesting with the ability to ask Jackson to "roast me". Users with explicit content also get a range of funny responses from Jackson.


Asking your devices things like "Hey Samuel, what’s in your wallet?" or "are you mad" will elicit some colourful language from the beloved actor.

Users can also get to know a bit more about Jackson by asking him more personal questions. To get more in-depth responses you can ask "Hey Samuel, did you always want to be an actor?" or "Hey Samuel, what’s the secret to your success?" These will get more personal responses about the actor's life.

Overall, this looks like a fun update which will delight most users, probably more so than most functional innovations Amazon makes! Here's to hoping the celebrity range will continue to grow on Alexa devices so we get more fun stuff like this to enjoy.