The Samsung Premiere Turns Your Entire Wall Into A 4K TV Screen

Samsung Premiere

Samsung may have had big news in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 unveiling yesterday, but that’s not all the company has announced, because this morning it unveiled the Premiere, which basically turns your entire wall into a 4K TV screen.

“Entire wall” might be a slight exaggeration. But it’s fairly close. The Samsung Premiere is a 4K ultra short throw laser projector that can be projected onto your wall. And projectors are commonly used in place of TVs.

In addition to that because it reaches display sizes that are fairly large, it’s sort of like having your wall transition into a TV. When you want it to be one. Though projectors aren’t known for having the utmost clarity compared to actual TVs, the convenience of making the screen disappear on a whim makes them nice to have.


The Samsung Premiere is the 4K TV screen you can hide at a moment’s notice

Projectors continue to get better and the Premiere looks to be the latest example of that.

Not only does it offer 4K clarity, it’s available in sizes up to 130-inches. There’s also a 120-inch model. So the screen can be quite big.  Alongside the 4K clarity the Samsung Premiere is also the first ultra short throw laser projector that offers HDR10+.

Which will only add to the picture quality and vibrancy of colors. The HDR10+ certification is only available on the LS9PT though, which is the 130-inch model.


The Premiere has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve for users to enjoy. First and foremost being the Filmmaker mode. This is likely to cater heavily to film buffs, and is designed to allow movies to be enjoyed exactly as the director intended.

Samsung doesn’t really dive deep into what Filmmaker mode actually does. But it sounds like it’ll be a feature that captures the interest of anyone who truly loves movies.

The Premiere goes on sale in the US and elsewhere later this year

Samsung has yet to announce official release dates for this product. It does confirm that it will begin to start rolling out the device later this year though.


This includes in the US, as well as South Korea, Europe, and other regions. Though when it does go on sale be prepared for a high price tag that won’t exactly be easy on your wallet.

SamMobile reports that in Europe the LSP9T (the 130-inch model), will retail for €6,499. Meanwhile the 120-inch LSP7T will be going for around €3,499.