ZAGG Claims Its New Screen Protectors Work Against COVID-19

ZAGG Screen Protectors

This year has been somewhat of a roller coaster with the spread of COVID-19 and its easy transmission to others, and ZAGG says its screen protectors this year can help with that.

In a sense. The virus has been found to live on certain surfaces for anywhere from hours to days. Though sunlight and warmer temperatures can reduce that timing. And while wearing masks when you go out in public is one way to lessen the transmission, proper and regular cleaning of hands and other things is not a bad idea.

With the InvisibleShield screen protectors from ZAGG this year, the company says they can effectively kill COVID-19. Which means you should essentially have one less thing to worry about in regards to contracting or transmitting it by way of a surface transmission method.


ZAGG 2020 screen protectors are treated with special anti-microbial tech

The secret to the sauce with the new InvisibleShield screen protectors is the special anti-microbial technology that's been added to the glass.

ZAGG says it worked with a company called Kastus to treat each unit with its anti-microbial technology. Though it isn't just a coating that's been added as a top layer onto the surface of the glass.

It does use Kastus' technology. However the process used actually allowed ZAGG to add the anti-microbial technology to the manufacturing process. Which infused the glass with this technology. This means the entire glass piece is essentially anti-microbial.


If it were a coating, there would be the potential for it to be removable if it were cleaned improperly. But that doesn't seem to be an issue here. If you value a clean screen for your phone, you might want one of these InvisibleShield products.

This technology will be used on all anti-microbial screen protectors going forward

All of ZAGG's InvisibleShield anti-microbial glass screen protectors from this year already employ this technology. But it'll also be in all of the products in that line going forward.

Meaning each year will bring a new crop of these screen protectors that can fend off the virus. You'll still want to wash your hands regularly of course (though there's no need to overdo it). In addition to killing off COVID-19, these screen protectors also kill off 99.9-percent of other harmful bacteria according to ZAGG.


And they're already available on popular devices under the GlassFusion line on ZAGG's website. They run about $40 each, but they're also out of stock on quite a few different phone models. You can also pick up many different ZAGG products on Amazon, so if the website is out of stock you may find what you're looking for there.