YouTube Music Improves 'Artists' View To Show A List Of Songs

YouTube Music AH NS 03

The latest development shows that YouTube Music has introduced a new improved ‘Artists’ view tab. Notably, the artist’s name will now show the number of saved songs in your library specific to that artist, instead of the count of subscribers.

You might have heard by now that Google is shutting down the Google Play Music by October. Besides, Wear OS is already prepping up to ditch the GPM (Google Play Music) in the coming weeks. As per the report, there will be no replacement app for the Wear OS, like we have for the Android device in the form of YouTube Music.

Thankfully, Google started working on this transition very early. They slowly added new features and tweaks to the YouTube Music app. Matter of fact, Google recently pushed a transition tool, which allows you to transfer all your songs, albums, and playlists from Google Play Music.


This also includes all the uploaded or purchased music during the lifetime of your Google Play Music subscription. So, that is a good move by Google to convince people to move over to YouTube Music.

The new YouTube Music upgrade lets you sort regular songs by artist

As per 9to5Google, with the new upgrade, the ‘Library’ section now shows you your content categorized under Downloads, Playlists, Albums, Songs, Artists, and Subscriptions.

Moreover, the ‘Artist’ tab now shows the songs of the particular artists available in your library rather than a YouTube subscriber count. This new feature is nifty as users will be able to access the songs more easily. Unlike previously where you were redirected to the full artist page and had to search through the entire catalog of songs.


However, that is pretty much still accessible via the ‘See all by artist’ button located at the bottom. Besides, this new tweak is similar to that of Google Play Music’s ‘In my library’ feature. This makes sorting songs as per artists more convenient and easy.

The update is widely available across platforms

This new and improved YouTube Music feature is now available across all the platforms including Android and iOS, and the web. Moreover, it would be better to get the hang of YouTube Music before Google shuts down Google Play Music.

Because Google has not given a specific date as to when the GPM services would be taken down. It has just floated a month. Luckily, Google will hold onto your Google Play Music data until December. So, you have ample time to migrate your GPM data over to YouTube Music.