You Probably Can't Play This Marvel-Based MOBA Game On Android

Marvel Super War MOBA

There's a new MOBA in town and it's featuring plenty of the most iconic Marvel characters in the known Marvel universe. But you probably can't play it.

Marvel Super War is a MOBA that was announced back in 2019 and it's already available in a few Southeast Asia regions where it was tested. Today though it's expanding to new countries. The reason you probably can't play it, at least if you're in the US, is because there's no word on a US release.

If you like Marvel and MOBAs though (like League Of Legends), cross your fingers for it to come to the West. Because as MOBA games on Android go this one looks promising just for the sheer number of playable characters alone.


Marvel Super War MOBA has over 50 playable characters

The Play Store listing for the game shows it has over 50 playable characters and villains. Including many iconic favorites such as Captain America, Dr. Strange, Vision, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk and more.

With such a huge roster of characters, it should definitely have an interesting meta. Or you would expect as much. That's assuming that each character is unique enough to provide a slightly different play style with abilities that are just as unique.

Which is more or less paramount to having a good environment in a MOBA game. It makes things much more competitive, keeps the gameplay fresh, and ensures that no one character would be too strong.


The game is launching in four new countries today

Sadly, the US doesn't seem to be one of the countries on the list. NetEase has stated on more than one occasion that this would not be a global release title.

So that could mean it will never get a US release. There are four new countries where you can now download the game. Which are Australia, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand. All four of those countries were able to pre-register for the game on the Play Store since the end of July. So a nearby launch was expected.

In addition to those four countries, the game is also available in Macao, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India. If you know how to set up an alternative Google account and can VPN into the Play Store from other countries, you should be able to get official access to the game.


Games and apps typically released in Singapore for example come with the English language. So if you're in the US and want to try this game out, choosing a country where the game has launched in English is your avenue.